Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Some finished photos

My daughter is almost 2yrs old so I just had to include a playhouse and a kitchen!

The playhouse is Step2 Countryside Cottage. The kitchen is Step2 Lifestyle Dream Kitchen.

The shelving is Ikea Expedit.  The ABC flash cards are from amazon.

The activity table is from babyage.com called Summerside Activity Table.

The "art" on the wall I made.  I got the idea from etsy and made my own with a frame and fabric I had.  In a sense it cost me nothing.  I just used some 8.5x11 cardstock I had at home.

I added a mirror low on the wall because my daughter just loves to see herself.  I purchased it at Target.

And finally, we had some leftover wood from another project so I made a playroom sign.

Sunday, January 1, 2012


Starting this blog near completion so I'm putting up several entries tonight to catch up.  I want to show some before and during photos.  Also, all I have are iPhone photos so the quality isn't the best. 

It was difficult actually selecting the carpet.  I wanted something very low pile and didn't want berber.  I wanted something in the neutral tan family because other colors in our basement are a pale yellow room and a carmel room.  What I chose is a Phenix carpet (sorry can't remember the name but the color is sand).  It is nice and soft to sit in the floor and enjoy playing.  Berber was a little too scratchy for me to like.

I'm happy with the outcome.  The color of this photo isn't great.  the carpet looks gold and the walls look purple. 

I think K approves of the carpet!

New paint!

Here is the color we chose.  It is a warm and neutral gray.  At first I thought it looked a little purple-ish but with things added to the room, it truly looks gray in person.

Before pictures

We moved into our house July 2011.  The basement was only partially finished (walls up and painted but no flooring or doors etc).  The room used to be a bright blue.  I painted them gray because I wanted a neutral that all colors would look good with.  I knew I'd add so many colorful things that I didn't want colorful walls.

And after moving in, we did put a castle in the room for my daughter to play with.

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Playroom for Kyndal

Creating this blog to share the playroom we are making for our 20 month old daughter.  I love getting inspiration from Pinterest.  I'll post some before, during and after shots.  We aren't to the "after" part yet but hope to finish up soon!!